Ceramics Corridor

Ceramics Corridor

Innovation Hot Spot: A combination of the right people, in the right place, at the right time


The Right People

Business incubation concepts bring people together in a supportive enironment that promotes healthy business growth. People with entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative ideas work with people who have business, technical, financial and marketing expertise for a healthy business eco-system. The Ceramics Corridor region has an impressive history of technological achievement made possible by innovative and talented people with vision. Your business vision is what makes the Ceramics Corridor a reality.


In the Right Place

The Ceramics Corridor partners with industry, universities, and local services providers to maintain a supportive environment that promotes and encourages start-ups, new technology and progressive business growth. Your business goals are what makes the Ceramics Corridor community by creating jobs, wages and a healthier local economy.


At the Right Time

We understand how crucial timing can be during the technology to commercialization stage in any business. In the past 25 years, the Ceramics Corridor has assisted 39 successful companies, who have patented 136 technologies and generated over 2,697 jobs. Our mission is your mission.

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